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Class notes and homework 10/17/17

Class Notes


Who invented the microprocessor? 
Ted Hoff 

When and where did this invention take place? 
Intel, 1971

What is the Internet? 
A large number of independent networks connected through computers or other electronic devices. The information available is limitless and ever changing. 

What is the relationship between internet-based information technologies and innovation?

The internet can provide a place to express and store ideas and information that can be accessed by like-minded people or businesses. This enables collaboration and automation of information or developing projects providing a collaboration to facilitate new developments in a faster and more efficient manner.

could you please write about, in a 3-5 sentences, what the genetic engineering revolution is including a thesis / argument in the first sentence. ("My thesis is that the genetic engineering revolution came about because ..." or ... or ... ) ... 

The genetic engineering revolution came about because the possible benefits to improve lives are enormous. Science propels humanity forward and the potential to perhaps cure diseases and feed the hungry is a temptation that is hard to ignore.

and begin to think about a midway-through-the-course research writing project (900-1000 words) you might like to explore, especially in terms of what questions you'd like to ask. 
Bitcoin? What is it and if/how it is going to change the monetary system

Re the cloning of Dolly the Sheep in Scotland in 1997 and per the course - - here's the link I shared of "An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — could humans be next?"

I imagine that this could be done with humans now - it's just should it be done that we have to explore.

MITS Altair 8800 demonstration

Bill Gates talks about Microsoft and the Altair 8800 (1994)

Ha! They were amazed their program worked AND that it was doing something useful

Vintage Computer MITS Altair 8800 Microcomputer One of the first SN21

$506 Assembled or kit - Ed Roberts thought he would sell 500 but had 5000 orders

M-DCPS Alumni Hall of Fame: Tribute to Henry Edward Roberts

Ted Hoff Inventor of the Microprocessor

Inventor at 17 - Amplifiers can oscillate so how bout we use a very sensitive relay 

Interview with Ted Hoff

He covers mostly the same information that he did in the talk above. A little more in depth.