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Algae to Biofuels

Algae to Biofuel This paper will explore the possibility of using algae to create a biofuel with the potential of replacing petroleum fossil fuel at the gas pumps. I plan to illustrate how an algae-based solution could eradicate our dependence on oil-producing countries and significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.  In addition, due to the innate self-perpetuation of algae in a variety of environments, this technology could easily be shared and used throughout the world.   There is an information technology revolution happening. It began in the second half of the 20th century, with the introduction of important milestones - such as transistors, microchips, computers, hardware, and software. This has led to a dramatic change in global communication. Enabling access to information in all forms - text, graphics, audio, video. The dramatic reduction in the cost of this technology has allowed individuals throughout the globe to process, st

Class notes and homework 11/14/17

Also, for a final course project, I'd like to ask you to write a five page research paper (perhaps in Google Docs), and begin to think through what you'd like to inquire about in this paper for next week - which we'll then talk about and focus further, drawing on the innovative thinking and ideas of this course re the information technology revolution. So, for next week, could you please write a tentative opening paragraph, with a research question, a thesis (e.g. "I want to argue that ... " "I want to suggest that ..." ) and 3 main points that you might like to "argue" further  in the paper. Thank you! I don't know what I want to focus on. I want it to be something I'm interested in that I would like to explore further. Top runners are crypto currency, or universal basic income. Some further definitions re - Society, Information Technology, and the Global University ...  http:// InfoTechNetwork

Progress in Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies

Progress in Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies Lecture 1 09/29/17 ✓ Lecture 2 10/1/17 ✓ Lecture 3 10/3/17 ✓ Lecture 4 10/5/17 ✓ Lecture 5 10/6/17 ✓ Lecture 6 10/8/17 ✓ Lecture 7 10/10/17 ✓ Lecture 8 10/17/17 ✓ Lecture 9 10/19/17 ✓ Lecture 10 10/21/17 ✓ Lecture 11 10/31/17 ✓ Lecture 12 11/3/17 ✓ Lecture 13 11/6/17 ✓ Lecture 14 11/16/17 ✓ Lecture 15 11/20/17 ✓ Lecture 16 11/22/17 ✓ Lecture 17 11/25/17 ✓ Lecture 18 11/30/17 ✓ Lecture 19 12/1/17 ✓ Lecture 20 12/4/17 ✓ Lecture 21 ✓ Lecture 22 ✓ C-learn Climate Game 11/12/2017 ✓ Reflection Paper Climate Game 11/26/2017 ✓ Final Climate Paper ✓

Individual Reflection Paper: Climate Game Simulation

Climate Game Simulation  11/12/17 Madam Secretary-General and UN delegate for Viet Nam The happy participants after solving global warming This paper is about a group project that I organized and participated in called "The World Climate Simulation". The World Climate Simulation is a role-playing negotiation exercise that engages participants in an entertaining way while learning about climate change. Participants work together as delegates of various nations for a common goal of keeping the Earth’s temperature from surpassing more than 2 degrees Celsius from our current temperature by 2100. The simulations main objective is to help participants gain insight into the causes of climate change and to see the possibility of success in addressing the climate challenge. I prepared for the activity by first deciding which nations should be represented. I had coerced my family to be the delegates by suggesting a family activity while we spent the holiday t

Class notes and homework 11/07/17

What explicitly is visionary about Gates and Jobs' thinking here in terms of innovation ideas from "Society, Information Technology, and the Global University"? Gates was insistent from the start that computers would be ubiquitous - "A computer in every home". The focus was so unwavering that his vision became a reality. Both Jobs and Gates imagined what would increase productivity and developed products that would benefit the consumer. The consumer believed them and the everyday use of their products are now so much a part of our culture it would be strange to not have them. why don't you explore taking some of the themes of the course thus far (of your choosing) and apply them in a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences) to the questions implicit in your airplane Twitter post "Airplane Mode: In the summer of America’s flying discontent, tensions are mounting long before check-in specials/airplane-mode  … via ... " -  ht


Syllabus October 17th