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Class notes and homework 11/07/17

What explicitly is visionary about Gates and Jobs' thinking here in terms of innovation ideas from "Society, Information Technology, and the Global University"?

Gates was insistent from the start that computers would be ubiquitous - "A computer in every home". The focus was so unwavering that his vision became a reality. Both Jobs and Gates imagined what would increase productivity and developed products that would benefit the consumer. The consumer believed them and the everyday use of their products are now so much a part of our culture it would be strange to not have them.

why don't you explore taking some of the themes of the course thus far (of your choosing) and apply them in a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences) to the questions implicit in your airplane Twitter post "Airplane Mode: In the summer of America’s flying discontent, tensions are mounting long before check-in … via ... " - ?
Does airline travel have to be so hard? I believe with the proper preparations and usage of beneficial apps individuals would feel more in control. When it's time to fly many foresee the hassles and prepare themselves for the grumbling. Instead they could prepare themselves for the reality of their particular flight. The twitter feed for the airport and the airline give important up-to-date information. Apps like FlightStats will provide answers to departure/arrival gates and give exact modifications as events happen. The airline's own app is a gateway to many answers - change your seat, access to phone numbers for customer service. 
If passengers have useful tools to use perhaps they could feel more in control of the sometimes overwhelming experience of flying.

For next week, please formulate the question that you respond to in writing ( ... is it something like "How could the quality of airplane travel improve for all people, and tensions thus disappear?" In my thinking (which you may not share), for example, I'd hypothesize that SW may have the beginning successful thinking in response to this issue and even in busy times and in busiest airports - and as a culture - so then how to extend this - even as a management question? (I see SW's culture as being hippy-informed in response to the modernity, but that this culture may have changed too in recent years from its beginnings). But you might generate very different thinking based on your ethnographic / cultural approach working on board, etc.