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Class notes and homework 10/31/17


Please get too an avatar in SL and find your way to Harvard's virtual island (Berkman Island) - and let me know your avatar's name. My avatar in SL is Aphilo Aarde.

I'm Tanya Bergamot. I still can't get the graphics drivers to update which would entail me to download Second Life. I have another old laptop in Pittsburgh that I can grab to try next time I'm there.

Could you please post the 3 main theses of Sandra González-Bailón's institute at UPenn for this week to your Twitter feed.  

Why digital media?

We are online most of the time
Communicating and sharing information
Regardless of space and time

and this generates interesting questions
Do digital media boost social influence? (yes)
Do we respond faster to news? (yes)
Are the news we access biased? (yes)
What are the consequences for how we organize and diffuse information?

Why Networks?
Networks capture the structure of communication and it's dynamics

Network science has the tools
to reconstruct the science of communication
and the chain reactions they trigger

Why political communication?
Institutions and media have long monopolized public discourse
and instead of following the flow
network technologies allow users to speak back
and they speak up

And could you please begin to come into conversation with World University and School, or the WUaS Press, or one of the other above Twitter feeds, but creating a Tweet or two responding to one of us - especially about a significant theme from the course and something you might like to explore more fully via a kind of research project?