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Week 2 - Strategy Formulation - Key External Factors - Complete

Strategy Formulation - Key External Factors


Christiansen, Clay, and Michael Raynor. Innovator's Solution. Chapters 2 and 8
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Henderson, Rebecca. "Architectural Innovation."

Traditional categorization of innovation as either incremental or radical is incomplete

Minor innovations can have great competitive consequenses

Architectural innovations destroy the base knowledge of established firms
- difficult for those firms to recognize and correct
- changes to how the components are linked together, leaving core design concepts unchanged

product as a whole
- system
product in parts
- components
 - physically distinct part of a product that embodies a core design concept
  - performs a well designed function
- physical implementation of the design concept

successful product development requires
- component knowledge
 - know each of the core design concepts and how they are implemented
- architectual knowledge
 - how the components are linked together as a coherent …

Ajahn Brahm

Waiting for the next best thing is putting off your happiness until the future
Have happiness now

Being in the present moment
with an inclination towards kindness and peace

Contentment with the present moment
when what is happening right now is enough

gratitude and contentment

only through your own acts of kindness will show you the happiness it brings you

it's good enough - there is nothing more to do
it goes towards peace it goes towards letting go
it brings you back to the present moment

don't stay in the past reliving the things that made you angry
anger is a waste of time
spilled milk that can't go back in the bottle
the benefit of the doubt
waste of time because it doesn't lead to peace

the object of the ill will, whoever triggered it is not around
so who gets it - the people around you

don't focus on the trigger of the ill will focus on the body
what is happening in the body
find it and relax it

the future is made from the present moment