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Week 5 - Operationalizing the Strategy - Complete


"Innovators Solution" Chapter 5 and 6 - Notes

Lecture Notes

Executing the market strategy for disruptive innovation
- each company has to fit the best strategy for them
 - the more you can fit the easier it is going to be to implement
- much easier to predict what will happen rather than when it will happen

Don't assume you're making a decision forever
- markets will change so be ready to change

The internet is a disruptive system because
in the knowledge economy it will change design systems in profound ways
need to transform the way humans interact with technology by
making it more appealing to them

Amazing opportunity because 
the world is full of systems that could be designed better

Playing by different rules in the marketplace
- Which activities should a new growth venture do internally in order to be as successful as possible as fast as possible, and which should it outsource to a supplier or partner? 
- Will success be best built around a proprietary product arc…

Week 4 - Strategy Formulation - Key Internal Factors - Complete


"Innovators Solution" Chapter 3 and 4 - Notes
Clay Christensen. "Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change" A great manager - identifies the right person for the right job
- trains employees to succeed at the jobs they're given.
Can't just assess people
Must assess abilities and disabilities of the organization

Organizations facing major change may destroy what sustains them by making drastic adjustments
- must understand what types of change they are capable of handling

How to recognize core capabilities
- resources
 - tangible - people, equipment, technologies, and cash
 - intangible - product designs, information, brands, and relationships with suppliers, distributors, and customers
- processes 
 - patterns of interaction, coordination, communication, and decision making
  - formal - explicitly defined and documented
  - informal - routines, evolve over time
- values
 - standard by which employees set priorities that enable them to judge whether an order, custome…

Week 3 - Strategy Formulation, The Internet and The Web as a Major Disruptive Force - Complete

Strategy formulation - the internet and the web as major disruptive forces
Coming up with the IBM internet strategy
The future of the internet


Gary Hamel "Waking Up IBM" Harvard Business Review 78 (2000): 137

1994 Lou Gerstner's first full year as CEO - previous three years showed $15 billion in losses and market cap had plummeted significantly.

The next six years transformed the company from production to service provider. Because the new technology - Internet.

David Grossman - shocked IBM was still using mainframe terminals, instead of UNIX and the Internet. Responsible for demoing the Internet to 
Irving Wladawsky-Berger (the professor of this class) and
John Patrick (guest lecturer, see below) head of marketing for the ThinkPad laptop.

David Singer joins Patrick in building a primitive corporate intranet.

Patrick publishes "Get Connected" extolling the way IBM could leverage the Web
- Replace paper communications with email
- Give every employee an email addres…