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Week 6 - The Role of Market Experimentation and End-user Innovation - Complete

Readings Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel  Chapters 1- 4 Chapter 1 With a traditional model, a user’s only role is to have needs, which manufacturers then identify and fill by designing and producing new products. The manufacturer-centric model does fit some fields and conditions. We are heading towards a user-centered innovation process. - can develop exactly what they want - can benefit from innovations by others - increases social welfare User firms with unique needs will always be better off developing new products for themselves. Chapter 2 Important processes or improvements are developed by users - machines that facilitate and abridge labor, and enable one man to do the work of many - working on a machine naturally leads to thoughts of improvement - mainly developed by lead users  - experience needs today that the bulk of the market will want tomorrow  -  users who are on the leading edge of important market trends  - anticipate benefits