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Week 11 - Key Role of Leadership and Management


"Innovator's Solution" Chapters 7, 10, and Epilogue - notes

"Who Says Elephants Can't Dance" Parts III and IV - notes


IBM’s e-business Strategy: Organizational and Cultural Issues
- Build a company-wide virtual organization 
  - For transformative, company-wide initiatives, it is best to have a relatively small full time core team coordinating activities across the different functions in the organization 
  - After the initiative has taken hold in the company, the virtual team should dissipate and its functions integrated back into the overall organization 
- Be inclusive of as much of organization as possible 
  - Other parts of the organization will likely not support the new disruptive initiatives at first, especially if they are not involved and feel excluded 
  - The more everybody feels part of the new initiative, the more they will support it and help it succeed
- Sell the strategy “outside-in” 
  - People will believe what they read in newspape…