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Soooooooooo you can have as much money as you want for doing this. If it gets to be a lot of work you can ask for more than the $100. What you are doing is helping me get past (something). Whatever it is I have been stuck for my whole life. It is worth a lot to me for your help - way more than a monetary value. I love you. The address is 706 Columbia Street 32805.  I find it really helpful to say it's the yellow house on the corner of Parramore and Columbia. I took the lock off and if they have to they can shut down the power by the meter on the outside of the house. Your sister lives in the front and a tenant in the back but no one really knows it's a duplex. Definitely don’t mention my profession. The trees are: - Dead tree by the driveway (I can take care of the stump but shave that off the bill in the end) - 3 big trees on the Columbia side of the house    - these are big, too close to the house, and a power line is against one of them    - Alixander said to top them and re