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Orlando Tree Removal Permit I, like the idiot I am, got recommendations from my lawn mower guy for the tree removal. They are neighborhood guys and they both stopped by and I showed them the trees... that's fine but now I'm in the yard and I get honked at by these guys urging me to make a decision cause the dead tree is about to drop. The dead tree has been dropping for the three years I've been here .. I know about the slow but imminent  drop of the tree. Why do you think I'm working in the yard..? Maybe the tree will drop on me and then I don't have to make a decision about the trees. Leave me alone.  Anyways.. How's your negotiation skills cause you get to make the deals. I want this shit done but I'm stuck again cause the price doubled. Will it go back down? Who knows..? Sam suggests waiting till December cause the prices will drop with little to no work around the holidays. ----------------------------------------- Mr. Larry  - mower recommendation - ha