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Soooooooooo you can have as much money as you want for doing this. If it gets to be a lot of work you can ask for more than the $100. What you are doing is helping me get past (something). Whatever it is I have been stuck for my whole life. It is worth a lot to me for your help - way more than a monetary value. I love you.
The address is 706 Columbia Street 32805. I find it really helpful to say it's the yellow house on the corner of Parramore and Columbia.
I took the lock off and if they have to they can shut down the power by the meter on the outside of the house.
Your sister lives in the front and a tenant in the back but no one really knows it's a duplex. Definitely don’t mention my profession.

The trees are:
- Dead tree by the driveway (I can take care of the stump but shave that off the bill in the end)
- 3 big trees on the Columbia side of the house
   - these are big, too close to the house, and a power line is against one of them
   - Alixander said to top them and remove the rest later BUT can it all just be done now so I can build a fence and move on with my life
- Neighbors trees 
   - driveway side by shed
   - remove any limbs that would hit the house
- Tree on the corner
  - hasn't been mentioned but it's dropping debris and I see that it is riddled with holes. I'm sure it's on its way out. If anything, get it in with the whole quote and then decide. Again, if it's gone I can build the fence and not worry about more work later.
Maybe start with some new quotes to get a baseline for negotiation
Davey Tree Services
The electric company contracts them to trim trees. Big company that can give you a base line for negotiation. 321 635 4945
Professionals that probably come in with their cranes and get that shit done.
Sam and I saw them doing a bang up job removing trees bigger than mine. The number was spray painted on the trailer they were loading.

Neighborhood guys - ultimately I live there and for good relations should hire one of these guys but fuck em. If you don't like the discussion when you call Larry get the big company and be done with it.

Larry 407 516 6079 
- mower and Alixander recommendation 
- hasn't said any prices
- in a drive by conversation on 5/6
  - can take the dead tree down fast if you want to do that first 
- I like this guy, he seems calm and deliberate
- doesn't know my name or yours
- called and then he stopped by (while I was sleeping ) 7/21

Ronald Sanders 407 879 8168
- mower recommendation
- I like him but too much pressure about the dead tree (I actually know it could fall any second and hurt someone)
  - he did say he'd take it down fast for $1000
- his quote says: Remove 3 big oak trees on the right side of the house and remove      one big dead oak tree outside the road and trim some tree from over the driveway and haul away. That's for the hauling away everything. $15,000


These are the guys our other sister had come out. I liked all of them. They have cranes and would be fine to hire. Call back and talk about the high price and what if they just topped the trees...


Travis Magic Tree Service 407 721 3122
Sorry I don't have the price but I think they were all close


Too bad I wouldn't let the other two give me cards but I liked all of them

These guys gave me prices in 2020. Give the address and see if they want to give you new prices now that you're in charge and can make decisions, unlike your sister. Their new prices will give us a good impression of the inflation. 

Ron - Above the Rest 
407 848 9139
12/3/20 $5700!
This guy kept calling me back and offered payment plans and such. I told him that I found an insurance company that didn't care about the overhanging branches.

Tom - A-1 Arborists
407 295 1705


Talked to electric company 9/13/22 
To get the power to the house rolled back to the poll
Call with 5 days notice 420 423 9018 drop of service

All of them like to talk about how I don't have to worry about getting the permit. But the permit is $25! They don't mention that...
A permit is not needed if they are an arborist so they will sell you on how great it will be to hire them... cause you don't need a permit. This is the shit I hate.

Also the city picks up tree debris (only 3 cubic yards a week (about a pickup trucks worth) so don't let them charge rape dollars cause they are some sort of savior and they are going to remove everything. Yes they can remove it, preferred but... again they are not mentioning that the city takes it. 
When that asshole neighbors limb came down and took out some of the pergola we brought it to the curb and they took it bit by bit. Finally they came out with a crane for the big branches.